Katy Perry, Timbaland Watch Crime Spree Unfold In New Video

'If We Ever Meet Again' clip follows two thieves who first cross paths at a museum.

While [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] and [artist id="503162"]Timbaland[/artist] joke around together in the video for their single "If We Ever Meet Again" from Tim's Shock Value 2, two would-be lovers keep crossing paths at various heists. In the end, have they joined forces to collect their booty? That's up to the viewer to surmise.

As the video opens, the female thief is eyeing a painting in a museum. With Timbaland singing in the background, she and her male counterpart see each other for the first time. We eventually learn that she has taken the painting for herself. Next, the duo runs into each other at a garden party, where Perry is seen hanging out. There, the guy picks up a jewel-encrusted necklace. But the police start to catch on and haul him in for questioning. After he's released, he finds the woman waiting for him outside the police bureau.

Soon, thieves all decked in black are seen jumping out of van and collecting the painting and necklace. Is it the couple or another set of criminals? It's never confirmed.

Back in December, Timbaland spoke to MTV News about his decision to sing his part in the collaboration with Perry. "It's not like it's incredible singing, but it made sense for me and it fits my voice," he explained. "To get somebody else to sing it, it might sound too overdone. I like it better with mistakes — I make mistakes. With me singing it, it gives it a different kind of swagger to it."