'New Moon' Star Chaske Spencer Wants Rob Zombie To Direct 'Breaking Dawn'

'It'd be kind of cool to see what Rob Zombie does,' actor says.

As we slog through the fallow period between "Twilight" franchise films — months before the June arrival of "Eclipse" and with no official announcement about production on "Breaking Dawn" — we can't help but start to do a bit of wondering. Can director David Slade's "Eclipse" out-gross $288-million-and-counting "New Moon"? Will "Dawn" eventually become two films, or just one? And who will direct it?

On that last question, the "Twilight" cast has not been shy with their thoughts about who would be the best fit. Kristen Stewart and Kellan Lutz have thrown their support behind "New Moon" helmer Chris Weitz. Jamie Campbell Bower, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed have all eyed Tim Burton as the guy who can best bring the film — or films — to the big screen. Meanwhile, Summit Entertainment is rumored to want Weitz to return to the franchise.

With all these various opinions floating around, MTV News put the directorial question to "New Moon" werewolf Chaske Spencer when we caught up with the actor on the red-carpet premiere of "Youth in Revolt." His answer might scare you.

"I like both directors, David and Chris," he told us. "It's kind of a joke, but it'd be kind of cool to see what Rob Zombie does, if they ever choose to do him. That'd be cool. That'd be an interesting movie."

The metalhead turned filmmaker has directed a string of horror flicks, including "The Devil's Rejects" and two "Halloween" films. And there are undeniable horror-esque moments in "Dawn," from a fetus that begins to injure Bella Swan as it rapidly grows in her womb to her bloodily violent birth. Somehow, though, we imagine Zombie would be less adept when it comes to capturing the continuing love triangle between Belle, Edward and Jacob.

So we'll have to stay tuned on that one. In the meantime, does Spencer have a feeling if "Dawn" will become two films or one? Any insider knowledge to throw our way?

"I have no idea," he said. "I'll probably find out more from my agent later on in the week. I have no clue."

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