Adam Lambert Steals The Show On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale

'American Idol' runner-up also cracks jokes on 'Chelsea Lately' Wednesday night.

The season-six finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" on Wednesday night included big-name musical guests Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige and Leona Lewis, but the performer who truly managed to steal attention away from winning dancer Russell Ferguson and the five runners-up was fellow reality-show contestant [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist], who did a show-stopping rendition of "Whataya Want From Me."

Dressed in a slim-fitting gray suit (with strange, black, blobby detailing on the shoulder), a pompadour and saddle shoes, Lambert busted out with a beautifully sung, toned-down performance of his Pink-and-Max-Martin-penned tune. Instead of the theatrics he employed at the American Music Awards last month, Lambert used his voice to keep everyone entertained.

On Wednesday, the Idol runner-up also stopped by E!'s "Chelsea Lately," where he talked all about his new celeb pals Madonna and Lady Gaga and joked with host Chelsea Handler about dying his naturally red hair black. "Opie doesn't do rock and roll," he said.

Handler told the singer that she really enjoyed the AMA performance that caused an "uproar" at ABC. "I liked it too. It was fun," he said, and the comedian invited him to come back on the show and re-create that particular performance anytime he wants to. "I will definitely keep that in mind," he responded.

Lambert, who worked in his song "Fever" with Lady Gaga, added he really enjoyed working with the superstar. "We did a song together on the album," he said. "And she's a trip. She's awesome. She's amazing. She's kind of out there but sweet and supportive and very creative and takes her art really seriously."

Lambert also described his brief encounter with Madonna at her New York apartment near Central Park. "Well it was for five minutes. It was like a walk through," he explained. "She was cool. I mean, we have a mutual friend that introduced us."

Lambert also cleared up the rumor that he was on drugs when he decided to audition for "American Idol." "The tripping on acid part did happen, but the actually decision to do 'Idol' was later, after the fact. Rolling Stone took some poetic license with that," he said. "[When I took acid] I just had an epiphany, a breakthrough."