Is 'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke Leaving Summit Film?

Filmmaker is signed to teen drama 'If I Stay,' but Leonardo DiCaprio-produced 'Girl With the Red Riding Hood' could tie her up.

Catherine Hardwicke and Summit Entertainment parted ways after the director steered "Twilight" to $385 million in worldwide box-office receipts, but any hard feelings seemed to be washed away in March when Hardwicke signed on to direct the studio's teen drama "If I Stay."

Now it seems like she might not stick around for that picture either. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Hardwicke might skip out on "Stay" to commit to the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood."

Citing sources close to the director, the Times indicated that the likely move has nothing to do with any soured relationship between Hardwicke and Summit. Rather, it's a matter of a scheduling conflict, as the director would need to focus exclusively on "Red Riding Hood," a film she signed on to in August, for the next several months.

Scripted by "Orphan" writer David Johnson, the film is said to be a gothic retelling of the classic "Red Riding Hood" tale, complete with werewolves and a teenage love triangle. Sound anything like "New Moon"? A revised script is expected to be delivered in January and, surely based on its similarity to elements of the "Twilight" franchise, is a priority for Warner Brothers.

With "Red Riding Hood" getting the fast-track treatment, Hardwicke would have no choice but to ditch "If I Stay," which follows a teen injured in a car accident and experiencing a supernatural out-of-body experience. The Times reports that she'll remain attached to two other projects in development: an Emile Hirsch-starring version of "Hamlet" set at a college and the teen fantasy flick "Maximum Ride."

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