Ke$ha Would 'Totally' Collaborate With Taylor Swift

'But I think I would scare her, to be honest,' she tells MTV News.

Taylor Swift has always been open about the guys in her life, even if that means calling them out by name in her lyrics. It seems that fellow chart-topping pop singer Ke$ha has the same motto when it comes to writing her songs, even if they are quite different from the ones Swift writes.

For her upcoming debut album, Animal, Ke$ha penned "Stephen," a song about a guy who wouldn't give her the time of day. "I'm really excited for people to hear the song called 'Stephen' that I wrote about this guy that I've been stalking since I was, like, 15, but he's a total loser, so I don't want to glorify him in any way," she told MTV News about the track's inspiration. "But I'm really excited for the song."

Ke$ha said Stephen didn't have to do much, if anything, to get her all worked up, but in the end, it all worked out for her. "He wouldn't call me, and I could not wrap my brain around why he wouldn't call me," she said. "That was a victorious mission in the end. Ha! I have the last laugh."

So is there any way the two blond singers could unite and call out all the guys who have wronged them on one epic track? Ke$ha isn't against the idea.

"Oh, I love her! Yes! I would totally collaborate with her," she said. "But I think I would scare her, to be honest. ... But yeah, I really love, love the way she writes, because you can tell it's real and you can tell it's honest, so I do think there's that similarity in our writing styles. You can tell she's talking about a very specific situation, and you know it's real."