Sarah Jessica Parker Impressed By Miley Cyrus' Height, Professionalism

The 'Sex and the City 2' star also discusses John Corbett's possible appearance in the movie.

[movieperson id="48614"]Sarah Jessica Parker[/movieperson] and [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist] don't appear onscreen together in "Sex and the City 2," in theaters next year, but Parker did spend enough time on set with the 17-year-old singer/actress to learn one big thing about her: She's a rather tall girl.

"I had very little [time] with Miley, but I was astounded by her height," Parker told MTV News while promoting her flick, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" "Did you know that she's tall? She's like a Viking. I had no idea!"

And while Cyrus filmed her brief cameo as herself for "SATC 2," Parker noticed that the teen's stature (which much be higher than her last reported 5-foot-4) was matched by her professional attitude.

"She's a beautiful young lady and very self-possessed," she said. "I literally was not in the scene with her. I was in the scene, but we were not [onscreen] together. But she was lovely and on time and prompt and professional, very sweet. She worked two hours and she was in and out."

Someone who may or may not be in and out of the flick is John Corbett, who was spotted in Morocco around the same time "SATC 2" was on location there. Parker said she "can't confirm nor deny" that her former co-star, who played Aiden on the show, is in the movie. "It might have just been coincidental that he was traveling," she said cryptically.

"I can confirm that there is no Jennifer Hudson," she added of the singer who played Carrie's assistant in the first movie.

Parker said the sequel is intended to be a lighthearted "caper," unlike the first movie, which took a dark turn when Big got cold feet at his wedding to Carrie. "It had a lot of sadness in it," she said. "It was bleak — intentionally so — and I thought rather bold.

"And this is really like the antidote, [like those] black-and-white road movies, or that's what we hope," she added. "We're hoping that it's fun and light. It feels like a soufflé. We've traveled a great distance to film it, and I think we have beautiful cinematic images and pictures, and I think everybody else is really good in it. I'm probably not, but I've enjoyed doing it."

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