Will Nick Jonas Have Kevin, Joe As Special Guests On His Tour?

'Maybe,' Nick says, although tour is meant to showcase his side project, the Administration.

He's already taken the stage once without his famous brothers by his side, and when his tour kicks off this January, [artist id="2088128"]Nick Jonas[/artist], along with his side project, the Administration, will be Kevin- and Joe-free. But is there a chance you'll catch his brothers onstage with him anyway?

"Maybe," Nick told MTV News when asked if his brothers might be special guests at one of his shows. But he added that the possibility is slim since the tour is really about showcasing the talents of his current band.

"I think that this show is all about me expressing myself," continued Nick, whose album Who I Am will be released in February. "So, as far as special guests go, I think we might keep it me and the Administration. I'm up for whatever, but we'll have to see what happens."

So does Nick have any jitters about his tour? Surprisingly, not really. "Just excited. I think the timing worked out perfectly for the record to be set up and to do this tour. So in this month and half, two months that I have to promote this record I'm gonna try to do all that I can," he said. "So it's exciting."

He added that with the album and tour dropping early next year — and with the guys starting production on the second season of their show "JONAS" — it's bound to be a busy year. "Keeping it balanced is important to me," he said. "It'll be a year of learning for all of us, my brothers and I, and for this new project to see who's interested in it and who likes it. ... We'll have to wait and see."