Nick Jonas Inspired By Prince, John Mayer On Solo LP

'Prince played a big role, obviously, with the band being the New Power Generation,' Jonas says of his sound and his backing band.

Nick Jonas knows how to pick talent. For his solo side project, Nick Jonas and the Administration, he hooked up with members of Prince's New Power Generation, and said that Prince's signature sound has helped shape several of the songs on the February release, Who I Am. But he admits he's still not sure if the superstar has heard the music.

"I don't know," he told MTV News, noting the track "Conspiracy Theory" has heavy Prince influences. "I've heard one or two stories about how the guys in the band were asked by Prince to come and do some things with him, but they had to decline."

He added that he might get the chance to hear from the man himself when the band makes a tour stop in his hometown of Minneapolis in January. "I think it's going to be really funny when he sees them up on the stage," Jonas added. "We're playing a show in Minneapolis and it will be the homecoming for all the guys in the band. And [I'm] just waiting to see if Prince is gonna show up and be sitting there, like, with a blank face on. Hopefully he likes it."

While most of the tracks are Prince-inspired, one in particular, "Olive and Arrow," has the same vibe John Mayer had on his early albums. "[I] admire his work and I think that using some of his songs as inspiration for this was a big thing," Jonas explained.

Other than Prince and Mayer, there were several other iconic musicians Jonas looked to for creative inspiration. "The artists that I was kind of going for was people like Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and, as far as lyrics, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash. ... [I] really try to pour some heart and soul through these songs," he said. "And Prince played a big role, obviously, with the band being the New Power Generation. So it was fun."