Snoop Dogg Explains Why Wonderland Kicks Off With Hard-Hitting 'I Wanna Rock'

In his new album, Snoop parties hard and then takes time to celebrate his wife.

Snoop Dogg isn't too conceited to know that the OGs and new kids have to coexist to keep the music and the culture growing. The MC starts his 10th LP, Malice N Wonderland (out on Tuesday, December 8), with one of the hardest rap records in the market place right now, "I Wanna Rock." It's got no R&B hook, no blowing kisses to the ladies, just raw Dogg Snoop co-signing one of the West Coast's new movements, jerkin', while trumpeting his veteran status.

"Long Beach with me, the city and the turf chump/ Get turf stomped, f---in' with the turf punk/ I'm geeked up, I'm on my tip, ho/ Turn it up, bi---, what you here fo'?/ I'm goin' all in, that's what I do/ My little n---as jerkin', what's up with you?/ Little rappin' a--, ni--as tappin' out/ I'm almost 20 in, the f--- you rappin' 'bout?"

The beat, produced by Scoop DeVille, mixes the '80s brash of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two" (the loop declaring, "I wanna rock right now," serves as the hook) with futuristic, eerie bass-drum baps. The record is probably Snoop's hardest party record since "Drop It Like It's Hot."

"I start off with so much malice in my heart when the record kicks in," Snoop explained to MTV News of the album's theme. "By the time I get to the end of the record, I'm in Wonderland. I'm feeling good about life. I'm celebrating, happy about my wife, my kids, life in general. It's just a roller coaster of what I'm going through as I speak.

"I've always juggled the line: 'Should I make a gangster record? 'Cause I could kill all you rappers if I wanted to,' " the Dogg added. "Then I have to sit back and say, 'I'm a business, so I'm gonna make records that can help me in this business.' I have to make radio records, but when I don't care, y'all in trouble."

The track "Different Languages" is devoid of maliciousness, however. In fact, on the hook, guest Jazmine Sullivan sings about Snoopy being "So good."

"I'm the East Coast, but I'm ballin'/ So hard a n---a got me Crip walking/ I'm from the suburbs, but it's that good/ Make a good girl wanna get to the 'hood ... / So good, got me speaking different languages," Sullivan sings.

"Jay got Beyoncé, I got Shante, with no entrée that's my baby," Snoop raps, paying homage to his wife. "We flying out of town/ Checking in the suite/ Pedicure on my feet."

Legendary producer Teddy Riley teams with Scoop DeVille to provide the track, an up-tempo, piano-heavy, updated version of New Jack Swing that seamlessly blends the smooth feel of R&B with the pistol-toting bravado of a gangster party.

"Pronto" keeps Auto-Tune alive, with Soulja Boy Tell'em using a computer-enhanced voice on the hook about terrorizing the dance floor with his boys. Snoop walks over the down-South bouncing beat with quick-draw slang rifling. "Get in, get it out/ Turn it up, turn it out/ Big Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy/ Told you, boy, in your mouth/ ... Superman and Crip-tonite, all on the same mic."

Other guests on the album include R. Kelly, Lil Jon, Brandy and Nipsey Hussel.