Nick Jonas Debuts New, Darker Track 'Rose Garden'

Jonas brother plays another track from his Administration side project on Ryan Seacrest's show.

[artist id="2088128"]Nick Jonas[/artist] has said that the musical style of his side project, Nick Jonas & The Administration, is going to be different from the music he makes with his brothers, Joe and Kevin. His first single, "Who I Am," has a pop-rock vibe similar to the songs that made the Jonas Brothers famous. But a new track, "Rose Garden," that Nick played live on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Thursday, shows the teen's darker side.

The song, a spare, acoustic, jazzy ode to a girl from a broken home who works in a flower shop to make ends meet, is a far cry from his work with the group, which relies heavily on songs about puppy love. On it, Nick croons, "She was brought into this world/ Out of a beautiful mistake/ When her mom was just a girl/ And her daddy didn't stay."

"When I started writing these songs, they weren't necessarily stylistically right for the Jonas Brothers sound," he told MTV News about his music on this album. "So [I've been] just working that out [for this album] and really defining what that sound was and trying to be true my roots and who I am as an artist and a songwriter."

Nick, who has made it clear that the Jonas Brothers aren't breaking up and his brothers fully support him, spoke to us about the song's debut single, "Who I Am," off his forthcoming album of the same name, explaining that the song is about trying to find the right person to fall in love with.

"It's [one of] the first songs we wrote for the record; it means a lot to me personally," he said about the debut track. "It's a song just about trying to find love and wanting to find that person who understands who you are. I think everyone can relate to something like that. It was also one of the first songs I recorded for the record, so it set the tempo for the sound."