Nick Jonas Says Performing Without His Brothers Was 'Different'

The younger Jonas brother describes the debut of his side project, the Administration/

Nick Jonas took the stage without his brothers for the first time at Wednesday night's Grammy Nominations Concert. Instead of Kevin and Joe, he was up there with his side project, Nick Jonas & the Administration, and the younger Jonas admitted that it felt a little weird.

Good thing Joe and Kevin were there to present their little brother's act to the world. "It definitely was different," Nick told MTV News backstage after performing the band's debut single "Who I Am." "But I think going into it, knowing they were supportive made it all right. I was looking forward to it. ... It was a lot of fun being up there tonight. Having my fans up top and my brothers down on the floor just made for a great, comfortable environment to premiere this new side project, this new record."

So, why did Nick choose the Grammy concert as his band's big debut? Well, it was all about the timing. The new group's debut album Who I Am, comes out on February 2, after a kick-off tour in January.

"When going through the setup of the record with the team, we were trying to think of the right vehicle to premiere this record," he said. "This kind of fell into the perfect timeslot. ... It meant the world to me, and just to be here is an honor."