Adam Lambert Recalls One-Night Stands With Help From Muse

Singer explains why 'Soaked,' written by Matthew Bellamy, resonated with him.

[artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] worked with everyone from Rivers Cuomo to Pink to the Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins to "Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi on his new album, For Your Entertainment. But one song, "Soaked," written by Muse singer Matthew Bellamy, felt especially personal for the "Idol" runner-up.

"Soaked to the bone/ And sink like a stone/ Walk home alone/ It's not the first time/It's not the worst crime/ Your soul will be OK," Lambert sings in the track.

"I really related to the song, 'cause my interpretation of the lyrics is, it's kind of about getting wasted and having a one-night stand and that search for fulfillment of the void," he told MTV News. "And how sometimes it doesn't quite happen, but your soul will be OK. It's not the first time it has happened and how it can kind of be a vicious cycle."

Lambert said he could relate to that lonely experience. "Personally, for me, when I was singing, I was trying to put myself in that place ... in a slightly darker time," he explained. "[I remembered] how empty that can feel, and I got through it OK, but it's a struggle. It sucks and you wake up the next morning [thinking], 'Ugh.' It's about that chase."

Lambert said he couldn't believe that one of his favorite bands wanted to work with him. "When we found out that the Muse track had come in, I was floored," he said. "I was so honored. Muse is one of my favorite bands. They're incredible. I couldn't believe they had they wanted me to record."