'New Moon' Star Dakota Fanning Prefers Chinese Food To Blood

'If someone smelled like orange chicken, I would for sure have to eat them,' she laughs at red-carpet premiere.

LOS ANGELES — In the "Twilight" franchise, the Cullen and Volturi vampires have taken divergent paths. One coven lives peacefully in rural Washington, the other rules the vampire world from Italy. But they share one key trait: They can smell blood. The Cullens avoid the temptation for human blood and instead dine on other animals, while the Volturi feast on people.

So what smell would force [movieperson id="266286"]Dakota Fanning[/movieperson], who plays Volturi baddie Jane, to do a little human gorging of her own? "Orange chicken from Panda Express, which I had earlier today," she told MTV News with a laugh at the "New Moon" red-carpet premiere. "So if someone smelled like orange chicken, I would for sure have to eat them. It's the best! It's so good!"

While hanging out on the carpet, Fanning revealed how she was cast in the film following the box-office success of "Twilight." "I didn't audition, but when they came to me seeing if I wanted to be in it, I was really excited to be a part of it and so happy they wanted me to be in it," she explained. "It's such a great honor."

Fanning hadn't yet seen the finished "New Moon" and was excited to head inside to take in the screening. She also disclosed that while she does appear in "Eclipse," she doesn't have a big role. "I'm only in one or two scenes, but I'm really excited to see that one too," she said, adding that her character gets to show off her special, pain-inflicting powers in the film. "I did inflict some pain," she hinted.

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