Would 50 Cent Get On Dr. Dre's Song With Game? 'I Wouldn't Do It'

Fif insists he won't share bars with Game on Dre's upcoming Detox album.

50 Cent and Dr. Dre helped Game concoct a classic album on The Documentary. And although things between Fif and Game went sour, the G-Unit General said he's open to working with Dre again to break another MC.

"We were actually talking about a new artist, working together on a new project," 50 Cent told MTV News. "I said, 'Just because we had a car accident, that doesn't mean we're not going to drive again — it just means we had an accident with that one.' He laughed at me. He said, 'All right. I'll give it a try,' because he was unsure about how I would feel about helping with [another new artist]," he continued. "Obviously Dre can create the best possible production for the artist and groom him to the right space. But going to introduce him to the general public would be something you want 50 to go do."

Since their falling out post-Documentary, 50 has vowed never to work with Game again. And even though Game has reunited with Dre for the Detox LP as well as his own R.E.D. Album, 50 says he wouldn't consider jumping on a record featuring Game.

"No," Fif said flatly when asked what his response would be to Dre's request for a reunion collaboration. "No, I wouldn't do it. I'd be on a record, on a song, on the [Detox] album, but not on that record [with Game]. That's not making a song, that's making an event — things for people to talk about. ... So there's a verse there that you think would be great for both of us, I just say, 'Erase his verse and put something in better than that.' "

50 briefly addressed the role Dr. Dre played in his and Game's feud on Before I Self Destruct's "So Disrespectful."

"I said, 'I gave Game hits, he told me to suck di--/ Start screamin' Westside and Dre ain't say sh--!' " 50 recited.

"It was an absolute true statement and Dre approved because it was true," 50 continued. "He heard the record and was like, 'Whoa! Out the park with that.' He likes it, he doesn't care. Creatively, you're right, 'cause he didn't say anything when that took place — or not anything that the public heard."