50 Cent, Beanie Sigel Call Out Jay-Z In 'I Go Off'

'You let the money change you, Jay,' Fif says in new track.

50 Cent has officially called out Jay-Z. On Thursday night, the much hyped Beanie Sigel/ 50 Cent collaboration, "I Go Off," premiered on Philadelphia's Power 99 and New York's Hot 97, during Kay Slay's "Drama Hour."

50 Cent doesn't have a verse on the record, but for the most part keeps his mic time relegated to the hook. Meanwhile, Sigel — who slammed Jay-Z on Power 99 last week — doesn't call out any names.

"Big Pop of the prop on deck," Beans rap. "Who shot ya?/ Who want beef with Big Poppa?/ ... I earned every buck that was mine/ I know n---as upstate doing life in a box/ I know n---as upstate doin' life with they pops."

As the song ends, 50 talks, mentioning Jay by name and telling the Brooklyn rap legend that he's lost his street edge. "You changed, man. You let the money change you, Jay," 50 says. "You used to be from Marcy, n---a. Now you'se a 'Pass the Grey Poupon n---a.' You don't want the shooters? I'll take 'em. Feed the wolves, or the wolves will feed off you. ... It's your move, n---a."

50 Cent has literally changed his tune. When MTV News recently asked whether he'd like the Jiggaman to respond to him, Fif said, "I could care less whether he replies to me."

50 did note that a battle between him and Hov would thoroughly engage the game.

"Well, it would be great. It would be great for hip-hop," 50 said about a battle between him and Jay. "It would probably be interesting, but I don't think one of us will survive it."

Fif also admitted that despite touring together in the past, appearing in a Reebok commercial, being photographed together at various events over the years and even sharing Madison Square's stage a few years back during a monumental moment with T.I., Diddy and Kanye West, he and Jay-Z have no real friendship.

"I don't have a relationship with Jay-Z," 50 added. "We're just both apart of hip-hop culture. We're not friends. We don't call each other to talk at leisure."

Fif says he doesn't know if Hov will respond to this latest dis, but he would absolutely go at Jay if the shoe were on the other foot.

The two had a back-and-forth around 10 years ago, when Fif jokingly threatened Jay on the song "How to Rob." Jay responded with infamous line, "I'm about a dollar/ What the f--- is 50 Cent?" during a freestyle at the 1999 Summer Jam concert. The lyric later appeared on the track "Some Like It Hot" on Jay's Life and Times of Sean Carter LP.

Since then, the two had quashed the rivalry. A couple of months back, in the song "Flight 187," 50 did say Jay looked like sitcom character Steve Urkel. And responding to 50's statement that he would have blackened Kanye West's eye, if Kanye tried to interupt him onstage like he did Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs, Jay told a reporter overseas that no one was afraid of 50 Cent.