Is Kristen Stewart On Team Edward Or Team Jacob?

'I think the whole point of the story is that there isn't a wrong choice,' actress says.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — It's a question that ranks right up there with classics like "Nature or nurture?" "Elvis or the Beatles?" and "Boxers or briefs?" And now, with "New Moon" reversing the screen time on Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to set up the latter as a beefcake-tastic leading man, it's one that Kristen Stewart herself can no longer escape.

So recently, when we caught up with the actress who portrays the white filling within Stephenie Meyer's torn-between-two-lovers Oreo cookie, we had to ask: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

"I think the whole point of the story is that there isn't a wrong choice," insisted the diplomatic actress, reversing past claims that she preferred the sweet-but-overeager pursuer to the mysterious, anguished one. "I go back and forth from being Team Edward and Team Jacob all the time."

Over the course of four carefully crafted novels, the best-selling author built up tremendous tension around her central love triangle, dividing fans into the two camps. Of course, once "Breaking Dawn" was published last year, her readers learned which hunk won Bella's heart. But that isn't stopping the "New Moon" movie from similarly escalating the boy battle.

"That's the story," KStew said of why fans get so passionate over the debate. "The story wouldn't exist if there wasn't, like, a genuine argument for why she should be with both sides."

Sounding a bit like a Vegas bookie, the actress was eager to explore the advantages of both sides. "On paper, I think Jacob's probably better for her. There's ease. He's her best friend. She's always smiling around him. She's safe with him," Stewart observed. "But there's just something about Edward. It's just that sort of indescribable thing that she can't live without. I think, put in that position, I would have to go with Edward because that's [undeniable]."

Pleasing the majority of fans worldwide, Kristen said that Rob's character is her man. "I really appreciate following your gut instinct," she said of Bella's inevitable choice, adding, "Even though it's not necessarily the right thing to do."

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