Do 'New Moon' Stars Want Chris Weitz To Direct 'Breaking Dawn'?

'It's been a real pleasure working with him,' Robert Pattinson says of Weitz.

Robert Pattinson would like to see Gus Van Sant handed the keys to the "Twilight" franchise for "Breaking Dawn," the yet-unannounced adaptation of the final book in Stephenie Meyer's vampire series. Co-star Jamie Campbell Bower favors the talents of Tim Burton for the gig.

"New Moon" director Chris Weitz has also hinted he might plop back into the director's chair for "Breaking Dawn," and while all this talk is pure speculation at this point, we do know that the "New Moon" cast remains wildly supportive of Weitz.

"I really, really like Chris," Pattinson said in an interview provided by "Twilight" studio Summit Entertainment. "He's very calm and he's very, very focused. You never feel pressure, but the ball's always rolling. Nothing ever feels held up. It's been a real pleasure working with him."

"Chris is amazing," Taylor Lautner seconded. "Flawless. He's so relaxed, and he really cares about our opinions, and he truly cares about this project. He cares about the books, he cares about the series. So I think the fans are going to be very excited and happy with the outcome Chris brings, because I know the whole cast is excited to be working with him."

It turns out that a large percentage of the "Twilight" community wants Weitz to return for "Breaking Dawn" too (even though the film isn't out yet): More than half of fans voted for the director in an October poll on

When he spoke with MTV New recently, Weitz was no closer to knowing if Summit would give him the job, but he was awful thankful for the fan love. "Those are Obama-like numbers!" he laughed. "I'd say to them thank you very much, but wait until you see the movie. They're just going on the trailers. And, of course, no one has seen David Slade's 'Eclipse,' so they can't judge fairly based on that. I'm the flavor of the month."

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