Rihanna 'Loves, Loves, Loves' Young Jeezy's Verse On 'Hard'

Plus, Clipse talk about incarceration of their manager, in Mixtape Daily.

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"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" When somebody is as consistent as Young Jeezy, it's tough to say he's in a zone. That's just him. The Snowman brings it repeatedly. ("Bag Music" is kinda sick too, by the way.) Singer Rihanna praised his work on her new record "Hard."

"When I first heard the song, I was in Paris," Rihanna said earlier this week of the track, which was written by The-Dream and produced by Tricky Stewart. "Dream and Tricky, they flew out and played me the record. They played me a few [songs], but this one stuck out to me. It had such an arrogance to it, which is so far from who I am ... which is part of why I wanted to do it. It was fun. It was bragging. A lot of attitude. Young Jeezy was the perfect person for the topic of the song. Just the vibe of the song. I love, love, love his verse. He added so much more to the record."

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"If the good die young, then the greats go to jail," Pusha T raps on the Clipse's new single, "Doorman."

The duo have been reflecting on the incarceration of their manager and friend, Anthony "Geezy" Gonzalez. Last month, Geezy struck a plea deal for one federal drug conspiracy charge as well as one firearm charge. As much as it hurts to not have their friend with them, the Clipse said they have to go on with their lives and careers.

"The show don't stop, we know what we gotta do," Malice, who tweeted, "We luv u GZ!" in the wake of Geezy's court outcome, said. "So we're out here doing it. The situation has been hard as well as heartbreaking. But I got the faith everything is gonna work out for the best. I believe everything happens for a reason. We still take care of our fam. We never leave our fam behind."

"Geezy's good," Pusha insisted.

"Yeah, he's alright," Malice concurred.

"Everybody is good. It's Geezy, it's a few more too," Pusha detailed. "Y'all just know Geezy, but everybody is our brother."

"Every time we talk to them, nobody is hanging their head. Ain't no crybabies. We got real soldiers in the family. Everything is gonna work out alright."

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Geezy is scheduled to be sentenced on January 11.

The Clipse release their next LP, Till the Casket Drops, on December 8. Guests include Yo Gotti — not Drake — on "Showin' Out." Fabolous also appears on a remix of "Kinda Like a Big Deal." (Kanye West appeared on the original.)

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