Rihanna To Preview Rated R In Worldwide Webcast

Singer's performance in London on November 16 will be streamed live online.

With the release of "Russian Roulette," "Wait Your Turn" and "Hard," Rihanna fans have already gotten a pretty good sneak peek at what the singer's upcoming Rated R album will sound like. But on November 16, just a week before the disc's November 23 street date, Rihanna will pull back the curtain even more when she takes the stage at an undisclosed location in London for a free show that will be webcast to a global audience.

According to details provided by sponsor Nokia, Rihanna will be performing songs from the album at the show. In a promo video for the event, Rihanna, dressed in a plunging-neckline top and sporting her now-familiar swept-back hairdo, says, "I'm really excited about my new album coming out on November 23. I can't wait to hear what you think, so you're all invited to hear it first when I perform live from London. The whole show will be streamed online, which means you can watch it wherever you are, anywhere in the world, as long as you've got an Internet connection. Sign up online, tell your friends, get my widget on your blog and make sure everyone you know is watching with you on November 16."

In an interview posted on Nokia's music blog, the singer admitted that she's a bit nervous about the show, her first solo concert since her assault at the hands of former boyfriend Chris Brown in February. "It's a live stream worldwide, which means everyone can watch it at the same time all over the world, live, all at once, which is exciting," she said. "It makes me nervous ... because it's not just the 6,000 people in the venue, but it's millions of people across the world watching it all at once. ... It's exciting though; it's a big thing that everyone can see it. There's no better way to launch an album."

In addition to the London gig, the cell phone maker announced that it will be hosting simultaneous listening parties around the globe on the same date. The Nokia Music Store will also offer an enhanced version of the album on its release date, with exclusive cover art, a remix and an unnamed exclusive track.