Kelly Clarkson Says Next Album Will Be 'Really Different'

'American Idol' alum is looking to release new LP next fall.

[artist id="1231768"]Kelly Clarkson's[/artist] post-"American Idol" career has been full of surprises, and judging from a recent interview with Chicago radio station Kiss FM 103.5, her next album may contain even more — like a departure from her signature rock/pop sound.

"Yeah, we're already working on it," she told DJ Ty Bentli. "We tour throughout 2010 overseas and then we actually are probably going to have released the record in the fall of 2010," Clarkson said of next year's agenda.

Aside from writing some of her own songs, the singer is currently penning tracks for other artists, noting that she sometimes keeps the tracks for herself if she really likes them.

"What's really weird is right now I've got a really cool [music] publisher I work with that has hooked me up with a lot of different writers that do a lot of tracks and stuff," she said. "So we've been writing for other artists but then I end up liking it so much that I can't give them away, but they're really different. The next record is probably going to be really different."

Clarkson did not specify which artists she's been writing for. And while the "American Idol" alum is heavily involved in the creative process, she did confess that her hectic schedule can sometimes interfere with how much she actually gets to write on a record.

"If I end up liking stuff that I've done I'll include it, but if I like other stuff better then I'll just have more of that. Sometimes you're just more inspired, I guess, and especially if you have records that come out real close together, it might be more other people's songs because there's not enough time to write and sing and perform and do everything," she said.

The North American leg of Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted Tour ends in New Orleans on December 13, and the singer begins her lengthy overseas jaunt — which is scheduled to cover Europe, Australia and New Zealand over 10 weeks — in England on February 7.