Dakota Fanning Says Jane 'Blows Your Mind' In 'New Moon'

'It's more fun to play a bad person than a good person,' the actress adds.

If director Chris Weitz's shining endorsement of Jane's evil nature wasn't enough to prove to Twilighters that Dakota Fanning has officially joined the dark side in [movie id="414921"]"Twilight: New Moon,"[/movie] a new interview with Fanning herself adds fuel to the fire about just how bad Jane is.

"I think it's more fun to play a bad person than a good person," Dakota told "Extra" about the evil Volturi vampire. "She almost blows your mind how evil she is."

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Weitz recently shared with MTV News that the dark role seemed like a perfect career move for the normally sweet Fanning. "She's never really gotten to play a bad person before, probably because she is a very good person. She is really a lovely young person. But I think she had some fun playing, really, the most evil of all the bad guys," Weitz said. "[Jane]'s bad news. Very bad."

The actress also joked about the white face powder she wore for the flick. "I thought I was pale before I did the movie, but I realized that I'm not!" Dakota said.

And Fanning's co-star Robert Pattinson can't believe how his vampire-appropriate pale British skin has made him a sex symbol these days, according to "Extra." "It's funny. People were like, 'He looks like a junkie,' " he recalled. "And now, 'Oh, he's so good-looking!' "

Pattinson also discussed managing to adjust to life in the public eye, something he's been open about in multiple interviews since he found superstardom in "Twilight." "I get nervous about everything. I get nervous about leaving the house!" he said. "Now I know it's too late to change my name. I really wanted to change my name to have a stage name. Now if I change it, I just look really lame."

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