Britney Spears Debuts Sexy '3' Video

New track will appear on The Singles Collection, out next month.

After a series of sneak peeks and teases on her Web site and Twitter, [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] officially debuted the music video for her hit single "3" on Friday (October 30). The sexy, fast-paced clip for the song, which will be included on The Singles Collection when it's released next month, made its big debut on her site.

The video, shot by director Diane Martel earlier this month, is a series of glamour shots and dance breaks. The video opens with Britney in a sparkly little black dress, spritzing herself with perfume and putting on mascara. Then it cuts to a shot of her holding her hair up provocatively and singing the song's sexy opening lines: "1,2,3/ Not only you and me/ Got 180 degrees/ And I'm caught in between."

The video quickly becomes a montage of Britney doing what she does best: being sexy. Shots of the singer in black and white, wearing a halter-cut leotard in a steam-filled room, are cut with images of just her legs in lacy tights walking across the screen.

Britney also does a lot of dancing in close-up shots, where you can't fully see her whole body. In some of the dance sequences she's flanked by male dancers or standing in a lineup of sexy women who do acrobatics on a raised ballerina bar as she sashays around. There are a few moments in the video where Britney's personality shines. She smiles at the song's tongue-in-cheek lyrics, particularly when she finishes the song's bridge about loving multiple people at once.

The video ends with Britney looking directly into the camera before it fades to black. Late Thursday, before the video premiered, she tweeted, "Can't wait for ya'll to see my new video tomorrow morning. I think you're really going to like it!"

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