'Eclipse' Officially Wrapped, Director David Slade Announces

'Physically and emotionally exhausted,' Slade tweets after production ends.

Just days after the cast and crew of [movie id="420622"]"Eclipse"[/movie] (minus Kristen Stewart) celebrated at a wrap party, the film's director, David Slade, announced that production is officially complete on the third flick in the "Twilight Saga."

Slade took to his Twitter on Thursday to make the announcement about the film, which is set to open on June 30, 2010. He said, "Twilight Eclipse officially wrapped shooting, at 4.30 am October 29th. Physically and emotionally exhausted. DAVID S."

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In a post that followed the announcement nearly 20 hours later, Slade gave fans a treat in honor of the wrap. He posted a picture of Xavier Samuels in character in the flick. "In celebration of wrap first Eclipse cast photo Xavier Samuels between set ups as Riley Biers," he wrote. The picture shows Samuels looking at something out of frame with what appears to be a girl's hand on his shoulder. There are blurred people in the background.

The film wrapped just in time for the cast to begin their promo tour for "New Moon," which opens on November 20. Fans are already salivating for news about "Eclipse," but if they think that "New Moon" director Chris Weitz has any insight as to what they can expect, they should think again. His "Twilight Saga" colleague, Slade, hasn't shown him any footage.

"As a fan and a filmmaker, I'm excited to see finished stuff from 'Eclipse' rather than anything in progress," Weitz recently told MTV News. "When you see works in progress, there's always some guy standing in front of some big green curtain, and it's all terribly disappointing. You really want to see the good stuff once it's all finished."

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