The-Dream Sends A Message To Haters With Love King Album Title

'I just wanted to push myself into becoming the person who inherits what music is,' he tells MTV News.

After Love Hate and Love vs. Money, [artist id="2801312"]The-Dream[/artist] is keeping it consistent with his new album title.

"Love King," the singer revealed backstage at Power 105's Powerhouse '09 concert. "The title alone, I just wanted to push myself into becoming the person who inherits what music is and what R&B is. The only way to do that is to keep putting titles and putting myself into certain corners that no matter what a hater thinks, they have no idea what type of pressure I put on myself. ... You can say the worst thing in your mind about what it is I do and this craft. There's songs I write that we may think are amazing, but I never do. So Love King — it will be out in 2010."

The-Dream said coming up with the material is not a problem, but he wants to make sure the campaign for the project is airtight.

"The first two albums came out, and it really was just about music," he said. "This album, it has to be a lot more — whether that's marketing, all of the things that the big guys get. We have to turn and put those things on me as an artist also. ... Now we have to treat it like it means something to the building. I think everybody is there. We have an incredible staff at Def Jam, of course. Now we gotta buckle up for me and put them dollars up.

"I can make it tomorrow," he added of the album. "Everything surrounding it has to be right. There's a lot of things I'm working on — shoe deals and sunglasses deals. ... It can't just be the same thing. Everybody has to know: 'Oh, wow, Def Jam really loves him.' "

Meanwhile, The-Dream has been writing for Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. He also appears on new projects from Shawty Lo and Snoop Dogg.