Did Plies, Gucci Mane Make A Follow-Up To 'Wasted'?

Plus, DJ Khaled protege Red Rum releases The Switch Spot, in Mixtape Daily.

Area codes 804, 757, you already know, Mixtape Daily has love for y'all. Shout out to Quan, shout out to the Clipse, big up to all the artists from VA. Today, DJ Khaled shows he's been doing more than just scouting talent in MIA — he's been to VA as well. He scooped up a young cat from Richmond named Red Rum, the newest member of the We the Best record company.

This Week's Main Pick

Street King: Red Rum

Holding It Down For: Richmond, Virginia

Mixtape: The Switch Spot

Real Spit: Red Rum ran up on DJ Khaled. During the filming of the I'm So Hood (remix) video, Rum made his way onto the set and slid the energetic music man one of his early mixtapes. Khaled said he played it in his car that night and reached out. The two have been linked up ever since. Khaled is getting his new protégé warmed up in the street before the album comes sometime next year.

"He flew me down to Miami, but I wasn't no artist then," Rum admits of his initial dealings with Khaled. "I wasn't ready for this. So it took two years, but I ain't stop. My fan base got bigger without nobody helping me, but with the Khaled stamp."

Rum's nickname, the "Switch Man," is pure Richmond, Virginia, slang.

" 'Switch Man,' " he explained, "that all comes about because of where I'm from. ATL calls it 'trappin,' we 'catch switches.' That's what it is, I was on the block. Now I'm catching switches with the music. I got fans, they're spending money to see me, they wanna see Red, dummy. 2010 we getting it in. I promise. The Switch Spot just lets everybody know I am an independent artist, as well as a mainstream artist. I'm independently trying to take over this game. I just don't wanna be no rapper. I'm in here, straight up."

Joints To Check For

"On My Mama": "That defines my grind. On my mama, no lies. I'm not gonna sit here and lie on my mama, I put my heart into this. This is what you want, this is what you get. No fake stuff. My mama has no other choice but to hear the song. They play it all on the radio. She loves the grind. She knows where we come from and what we took it to. She has no choice but to respect it."

"Get It In": "That's with Yo Gotti," he says. "It lets you know every city I go to, I get it in. Every time I swing that corner in that Caddy, they know I get it in. Standing alone again."

"One More Time": "It was inspired by DJ Kool from DC," Rum explains. "That made them 20,000 people — me being independent with no help, had 20,000 people — rocking. Wait till the world hears it — its gonna be number one on the charts."

Streets Is Talking: News And Notes From The Underground

Plies' Goon Affiliated should be out within the next few months, but he's playing it close to the vest as to which MCs are coming on the LP. He did give a clue when we saw him at the BET Hip-Hop Awards earlier this month.

"I'll just drop one in your lap. I didn't have the rap feature thing before so I'm doing something with a cat that's real, real big in Atlanta. Some people says it's this person, some people say it's that person. But it's a special situation. A major situation for this album."

When asked if it's the person he got with on the song "Wasted," Pies just smiled and said, "It could be. It could be."

Although Plies wouldn't spill the beans — for real, for real — we've been hearing it may not be Gucci Mane but a man who's known for his motivational rap songs.

Plies says that regardless of who he collaborates with, you'll see his growth.

"We painted the best picture we can paint. You'll see the evolution of who I am as an artist from the production standpoint as well as the lyrical content side. I'm excited about this one. More excited than I was about my previous three. ... Let's put it all in the kitty and let the streets tell us what it is."

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