Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta Gets Revenge On Pete Wentz At Los Premios MTV

Saporta avenges Wentz revealing his phone number by revealing Wentz's e-mail address -- in Spanish!

Last month at the MTV Video Music Awards, Pete Wentz decided to play a joke on his pal [artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist] frontman Gabe Saporta by revealing his phone number live on the show.

Luckily for Saporta, MTV producers intervened, and Wentz was never able to complete the prank. Unluckily for him, things didn't end there: Saporta's phone number still got out, but Wentz had nothing to do with it (a vindictive T-shirt printer did).

"So basically this year for the VMAs, MTV was very nice to allow me and Pete to present an award together. Little did I know that Pete had a little practical [joke] planned, where he had my phone number printed on the front of a shirt," Saporta told MTV News on the set of Cobra Starship's "Hot Mess" video. "But MTV was like, 'You know, we're not super-kosher with that, you've got to tape it up.' But still, he took his jacket off and started pulling the tape off to reveal my number.

"My number never got out, but here's the catch: That shirt was professionally printed at some T-shirt place, and of course, someone at the T-shirt factory leaked an image of my shirt on the Internet," he continued. "So I would get, like, 20 calls a day, kids pranking me, singing me songs, whatever. I thought it was funny for a while, and I thought that if I neither confirmed nor denied it, it would go eventually away. Guess what? I was wrong. I was dead wrong."

It seems that the phone calls continued while Saporta and Cobra Starship were over in Europe, and, well, international phone calls are expensive. It got to be so much of a problem that Saporta was finally forced to cancel his number ... and to swear revenge on Wentz.

"In Europe, every call that comes in is a dollar. So if you let it go to voicemail, that's another dollar, so I'm getting 40 calls a day at $2 each ... that's $80 a day, man! I mean, I have a hit single, but I haven't seen a dime from it yet, man! Eighty dollars is a lot of money," Saporta laughed. "So I canceled my old phone number, got a new number, and I made sure that my new phone number has '666' in it, that way no one will mess with me ever — including you, Pete Wentz! By the way, Pete, I know your e-mail address."

And he wasn't kidding: Because last week at the Los Premios MTV '09 awards in Los Angeles, Saporta revealed Wentz's e-mail address live onstage, as he was translating Wentz's between-song banter during [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist]'s set (Saporta is Uruguayan). At the time, Wentz didn't seem to realize what was happening — yet another peril of not speaking Spanish — but he sure did later, when his e-mail account was positively crippled with messages. It seems Saporta had gotten his revenge.

Wentz responded to MTV News' e-mail about Saporta's stunt — and from the sound of things, the prank war between the two sides has only just begun.

"Gabe is a 'Hot Mess' in more ways that one. ... He tried to give my e-mail address away when he was translating my banter into Spanish for fans. E-mail addresses are like nuclear weapons, and the other side only has a moment to react," Wentz wrote. "Trust me, I have something up my sleeve for Mr. Saporta. It feels like we're pranking on each other like siblings. Imagine whose number I could give you (friend/family of Gabe) to convince him of a Midtown reunion [Saporta's former band]. Though I did call him a 'puta' from stage."

To be continued, we're sure ...