Mike Epps Talks About New Movies With Bow Wow, Young Jeezy

BET Hip-Hop Awards host also jokes about taking aim at the celebrity audience.

ATLANTA — [artist id="9619"]Ice Cube[/artist] and [movieperson id="189101"]Mike Epps[/movieperson] have reunited for their fifth film together, "Lottery Ticket," which comes out next year. As Epps told us during the BET Hip-Hop Awards taping, he and the rap icon are actually supporting another star rapper in the movie: [artist id="1219435"]Bow Wow[/artist].

"Bow Wow and Brandon T. Jackson [are the stars]," Epps said. "Me and Cube are actually almost doing cameos in this movie. It's for Lil' Bow Wow and them. But we all help each other out in this business."

Earlier this year, Epps and Cube shot the movie "Janky Promoters," which also stars [artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist]. The movie, which centers on two shifty music promoters, has yet to be released while Cube and company have been negotiating the comedy's distribution. Meanwhile, Epps is releasing the comedy/rap LP Funny Bidness ... Da Album (October 27) as well as a new stand-up special, "Under Rated & Never Faded" (November 10).

On the BET red carpet, Epps, who hosted the show, said he was looking forward to seeing Cube, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. He was also itching to crack jokes at the expense of the celebrity audience.

"Hey, man, I'm cracking everybody," he warned with a grin. "I gotta keep it secret [who I'm going to target]. ... It's gonna be family fun. Everybody knows the inside jokes of everybody around here. It's gonna be fun, though."

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