Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Working With Katy Perry

"We're writing together next week. Can't wait," band's frontman revealed.

Rivers Cuomo is busy these days promoting [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist]'s upcoming album, Raditude (out in November), but he's also managing to make some time to hit the studio to work on some new music with a certain pop star who has a penchant for strawberries.

In an interview with Buzznet.com on October 14, the Weezer frontman spilled the beans about hitting the studio with [artist id="1962774"]Katy Perry[/artist]. "We're writing together next week," he revealed. "Can't wait."

And on Tuesday, Perry took to her Twitter to announce that she was heading into the studio to work on music for an upcoming album, her follow-up to her hit-spawning "One of the Boys." "MORNIN'! TODAY'S the 1ST day back in the studio! I have lots of layers to get through, thankfully @greg_wells is there to do the peeling ... " she wrote about working with the guy who produced Perry's hits "Waking Up in Vegas" and "Ur So Gay."

Recently Perry spoke to MTV News about the vibe she'd like to have for the new record. She hoped that her new music would up the fun factor of her last album. "I'm kind of thinking I want to do my record like a mesh between 'Lovefool' by the Cardigans and ['The Sign'] by Ace of Base," she explained. "I want to make songs that people want to hold hands and roller-skate to."

But she also said that she didn't want to produce One of the Boys 2.0. "I'm not looking to alienate my fans, but I can't be that grown-up Shirley Temple girl wearing the stupid strawberry in her hair all the time ... because I'd kill myself or someone else would for me," Perry explained. "So I'm really excited to always be evolving and changing — with my look, with my music, it keeps me entertained as well."