Tokio Hotel Contest Winner Thanks Band For 'Loving Your Fans'

'I want to thank you for making the best music I've ever heard,' Val says in her video acceptance speech.

Val Rabinovich couldn't believe that she actually won MTV News' Tokio Hotel contest. How do we know this? Because she told us.

Yes, just hours after her video review of TH's Humanoid album was declared the winner of our contest with the band (the prize was an autographed Humanoid T-shirt and a personalized message from Tokio Hotel themselves), Rabinovich took to her webcam once again, this time to do what winners always do in these situations: make an acceptance speech. And yes, she even got a bit emotional.

"I want to thank MTV for having this contest, but mostly I want to thank my four favorite people in the entire world: Georg, Gustav, Bill and Tom," she said in her video. "You have completely turned my life around. I want to thank you for making the best music I've ever heard. Thank you for your lyrics, your melodies. And I want to thank you for being original, for being yourselves and for loving your fans."

But Rabinovich didn't stop there: She also reminded fans to vote for Tokio Hotel at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards (they're up for Best Group against Green Day, the Kings of Leon, the Jonas Brothers and the Black Eyed Peas), which will be held in the band's home country of Germany on November 5.

Rabinovich concluded her video with a message to the guys in Tokio Hotel: "I hope to see you soon in my part of the world!"

Like we said, [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] fans really are the greatest in the world.