Paramore's Hayley Williams 'So Nervous' About Returning To Stage

'I've been waiting all year for this tour ... so, the postponement made it that much worse,' singer said.

After spending a week in near-total silence as a result of a nasty case of laryngitis, Hayley Williams was raring to get back onstage. The only problem was that she didn't know if her voice was up to the task.

So, on Saturday night, backstage at Chicago's House of Blues, the mood was understandably tense. Not only were [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] resuming their oft-delayed Brand New Eyes tour, but there were serious questions about just what would happen the second Williams strode onstage and attempted to sing.

And, truth be told, even she didn't know what to expect.

"I was so nervous," Williams wrote MTV News in an e-mail (no more phone interviews ... doctor's orders). "But as soon as I sang the first note, I knew I was alright."

And luckily, her voice held up ... not just at the Chicago show, but the following night in Detroit, too. So now, with those vocal problems officially behind her, Williams and her Paramore mates can focus once again on the important things, like bringing their live-wire act to the masses or big-upping their opening acts, in the most high-energy way humanly possible.

"It feels so good to be back out on the road. I've been waiting all year for this tour ... so, the postponement made it that much worse," Williams wrote. "My voice is feeling great now, though, and the shows, so far — Chicago and Detroit — have been amazing."

"If you're coming out to see us, make sure you get there early for our new labelmates, The Swellers, and our hometown pals, Paper Route," she continued. "See you there! Yeah!"

Paramore's Brand New Eyes tour continues on Thursday in Toronto.