Fat Joe On A Quest To Make The 'Best Record In Hip-Hop History'

'I'm after the undeniable,' says Joe, who just dropped J.O.S.E. 2 this week.

NEW YORK — Before he retires — which won't be anytime soon — [artist id="611"]Fat Joe[/artist] has one big goal.

"My job is to make a record that is gonna stop the world from spinning," he said. "If you really wanna know what Fat Joe is after, Fat Joe is trying to make the ultimate best record in hip-hop history that will stop Earth from rotating. I wanna make something that's gonna make the biggest nonbeliever on the planet Earth say, 'Oh, my God. What's up with this dude?' I'm after the undeniable."

On Tuesday, Fat Joe released his ninth solo LP, J.O.S.E. 2. We caught up with the veteran as he drove in his old neighborhood in the Bronx on the way to Trinity Avenue.

"I couldn't sleep last night," he said. "You gotta understand, I do this from the heart. With me, it's all about making great music. Just to know my fans, who have been my fans forever, get to hear the new Fat Joe for me, it gets me real excited. ... I wanna make the people think, 'This music is crazy. This album is crazy.' I'm just like a little kid, like I just started."

Joe said every time he puts out an LP, he wants to make sure he is in New York.

"I gotta be in New York for that," he said. "If you're anywhere else, you're crazy. This is my biggest market, this is my home. I gotta celebrate with my people here at the end of the day."

Joe is looking forward to all his fans — and definitely the ones in his hometown — to embrace J.O.S.E. 2 like they have with some of his hometown peers' work.

"Fabolous' album was crazy. Jay-Z's album was crazy. Even Maino dropped, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes — it made me feel great," he said. "I'm glad people finally dropping hot albums. That's the best part about it: Everybody is consistent with their work. I'm really proud f my work. I'm really, really proud of my album. I can't wait for a fan who hasn't heard it."