Lil Wayne Has Completed Six Songs For No Ceiling Mixtape

'He's about to come and smash people's albums,' Young Money exec Mack Maine tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

When Michael Jordan won his championships, the Hall of Fame hooper didn't head up to Rucker Park in the offseason to prove to street ballers he could still play. But that's what Lil Wayne is doing with his next mixtape, No Ceiling, according to Mack Maine. The Young Money exec told Mixtape Daily that Weezy wanted to prove that the triple-platinum success of Tha Carter III hasn't slowed his rhymes.

"On his birthday, he was saying, 'Everyone else is putting out mixtapes, so I gotta show them that I still got it,' " Mack explained. "And he also said that a lot of beats are coming out that he likes, so, you know, once that happens, he's gotta put out his own versions to the beats he likes. It's not fair. It's not necessary, to me. Like, what are you trying to prove? Let these little dudes have their lane for a few, man. He's about to come and smash people's albums."

So far Wayne is about six songs in, Mack revealed. Young Money has been flooding the streets and the Web with mixtapes lately, as Nicki Minaj, Jae Mill, and Gudda Gudda all have product out now.

While working on No Ceiling, the Cash Money superstar is also finishing up his long-awaited rock-influenced album Rebirth and overseeing the Young Money debut, both of which are set for December releases. Those are the projects Mack is most eager to see come out.

"They the two new babies, two newborns," he said. "The [No Ceiling] mixtape, that's Jordan. The two albums are like rookies. We wanna see how they do their first season."

Mack wouldn't give any details on just when to expect No Ceiling, but the New Orleans native had some advice for eager fans.

"You just gotta be tuned into the Internet," he said. "And make sure your wireless is working that night, 'cause that sh--'s just gonna drop."

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