Will Brody Jenner And Kristin Cavallari Hook Up Again On 'The Hills'?

'Let's just say Kristin and I have a great relationship,' Brody says of his ex-girlfriend joining the cast.

Kristin Cavallari has already proved that if she wants a guy on "The Hills," she'll do whatever she can to get him. So now that she's made a play for Audrina Patridge's ex Justin Bobby, does she have her sights set on former flame Brody Jenner?

"I can't say these things!" Jenner told MTV News about ex-girlfriend Cavallari. "Let's just say Kristin and I have a great relationship. I'm just going to keep it at that."

Brody has since moved on to onetime Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole, so a reunion with Cavallari would be challenging. "We have a good relationship," he reiterated about his and Kristin's status. "It could be a good friendship, I mean, just a relationship. We really get each other, so I'm just going to go 'no comment' on that one. Jayde, she doesn't mind — for now. I'll say that."

While Jayde isn't concerned about Kristin, she isn't a big fan of Audrina, who spent the night in Brody's hotel room last season. "Audrina and I had a little past, and it caused a lot of commotion in my life, so we don't really hang out anymore," Jenner said. "I wouldn't hear the end of it from my girlfriend if I was hanging out with Audrina, and I don't really care to hang out with Audrina."

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