Weezer Create Their Very Own Weezerville For New Video

The clip for '(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To' features an idyllic town full of Weezer lookalikes.

Over the years, the town of Piru, California, has stood in for countless frontier towns — Hazzard County, Georgia, and Bon Temps, Louisiana (a.k.a. the hunting grounds of Sookie Stackhouse's vampire friends on "True Blood"), for example — in movies and TV shows, but it's never been transformed into anything quite like this.

Earlier this week, Weezer and director Marc Webb, who's helmed clips for Green Day, My Chemical Romance and the All-American Rejects, not to mention this year's indie-riffic feature "(500) Days of Summer", invaded Piru to shoot a video for "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To," the first single off their upcoming Raditude album. And they decided to turn the town into their very own kingdom, a place they're calling Weezerville.

"Marc Webb has created a kind of '50s small town for us to live in. We've christened it 'Weezerville,' and basically it's just populated by the four members of Weezer," frontman Rivers Cuomo told MTV News. "So we're just hanging out, driving around, filling up our trucks with gasoline. Basically being guys, and that's what Weezerville is like."

There's a distinctly "Pleasantville" feel to the place. The streets are clean; the sky is bright; the people — all of whom are doppelgängers of Cuomo and company (no word on whether Lil Wayne is a resident) — are polite. In fact, Weezerville is positively idyllic, until a femme fatale played by actress Odette Yustman (fun fact: She was in "Kindergarten Cop") arrives on the scene. And things start to change.

"The idea of the video is really simple: It's a town that's made up of clones of Weezer. There are multiple versions of Brian and Patrick and Scott and Rivers, and they're just going about their business, until one day, this woman shows up," Webb said. "And after that, everything basically goes to hell."

And while he can't spill all the details of what happens, Cuomo did say that fans can expect carnage ... of the bloody, disfiguring variety.

"We all lose our focus, our concentration," he laughed. "The next thing you know, accidents start happening."