Aaron Carter Won't Get Brother Nick's Vote On 'Dancing With The Stars'

'My brother's like, 'I love Michael [Irving]. I'm gonna vote for him,' ' the younger Carter says.

[artist id="610277"]Aaron Carter[/artist] is ready for the latest season of "Dancing With the Stars," premiering Monday (September 21) on ABC. He will be competing against the likes of [artist id="509001"]Macy Gray[/artist], Kelly Osbourne, Tom Delay and [artist id="500157"]Mya[/artist], but thinks that his toughest competition will be the guy in the mirror.

"Honestly, the biggest competition I feel is myself. The reason why I feel like my biggest competition is probably me," he told MTV News while rehearsing with partner Karina Smirnoff. "It's all about how much we rehearse and how much we take advantage of [those rehearsals]. I'm all about how much I push myself."

But his brother, Backstreet Boy [artist id="1228045"]Nick Carter[/artist], pegged someone else as his younger sibling's biggest competition: football star Michael Irving. "I told my brother about [Michael Irving] and my brother's like, 'I love Michael. I'm gonna vote for him.' "

Carter isn't too worried though, given his job has required him to dance before. "I think as a dancer I have a little bit of a competitive edge over some people, absolutely. But who knows? We're all coming into this with not knowing what we're doing, so I think it's pretty equal 'cause it's not like this is what I do professionally."

He's finding the ballroom dancing in particular a bit challenging. "I always try to give you a little bit more. It's completely out of whack, if that makes any sense," he said. "Like it just doesn't click — it doesn't make any sense to me yet."

Carter also revealed that he had been asked to appear on the show before, but didn't accept until the time was right. "There was a couple of other times they approached me about it ... it just wasn't the right time and I had to go ahead and get my mind right and my body right and come into it with a clear conscience," he explained. "This time was time just 'cause the third time's a charm. It was a great opportunity that I just couldn't turn down anymore. I love competition."