Killers Spoof Kanye West VMA Incident At Show

Jimmy Kimmel interrupts Brandon Flowers to praise openers the Psychedelic Furs.

The Internet has been having a heyday with Kanye West's stage-busting rush of Taylor Swift at Sunday night's Video Music Awards. From videos that insert 'Ye into new situations to famous photos that have been doctored to feature the rapper, the incident is a gift that keeps on giving.

And while plenty of other artists — including Miley Cyrus, Panic! at the Disco, Katy Perry and 50 Cent — have weighed in on how they feel about the incident, the Killers did a kind of performance-art re-enactment of it Wednesday night during their show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. During an otherwise typical show from the band, which is known for playing it pretty straight, the Las Vegas group sent up the West bum-rush in their own unique fashion.

The band recruited funnyman Jimmy Kimmel to dress up like Kanye — wearing the rapper's signature venetian-blind sunglasses — and interrupt singer Brandon Flowers, snatching the mic to announce that "Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time and the Psychedelic Furs had one of the best songs of all time."

In a YouTube video of the gag, Flowers looks a bit surprised when Kimmel takes the stage. But the joke makes sense once the Psychedelic Furs, who opened the show, come out to join the Killers for a rendition of the Furs' iconic teen anthem "Pretty in Pink."