Panic! At The Disco Talk Sexy Lyrics From 'Jennifer's Body' Soundtrack

The guys celebrate Megan Fox's 'blatant sexuality' on the upcoming movie's soundtrack.

There is a lyric in [artist id="2008947"]Panic! at the Disco[/artist]'s "New Perspective" — the first single off the "Jennifer's Body" soundtrack — that's edited out of the radio version (and the accompanying music video), but if you're a fan of the band, you know the line we're talking about: its the one where frontman Brendon Urie pleads with the subject of his song to cut all the foreplay and just, well, make with the sexual favors.

It's a rather, uh, straightforward lyric, one that seems somewhat out of place with the rest of Panic's flowery canon. So, when MTV News sat down with Urie recently, I had to ask what the inspiration was for the line. As it turns out, at least part of it was a tribute to Megan Fox, who stars in "Jennifer's Body" as a very sexy succubus.

"I guess that lyric is kind of the through line for the movie, because the movie has a lot of sexual — not even innuendo. Just, like, blatant sexuality. No beating around the bush — it's just right there, so it kind of fits," Urie laughed. "That song was written about a dream I had. I wrote the verse down and we worked on the rest of the song together, and that line, well, it's about a dream."

Actually, the similarities between the song and the film are pretty much coincidental, as Urie and his Panic! mate Spencer Smith never even saw the film when they were writing "New Perspective." In fact, they didn't even know the song had made the cut until they were invited to an early screening.

"I think we had written it, like, a month before — they asked us for some stuff and we were like, 'Yeah, we have a song.' We didn't get to see a screening of the film at all. They basically told us, 'Yeah, it's about a girl who's possessed, and she eats boys,' and that was about it, so we just wondered if it was going to fit," Urie said. "And we finally saw an early screening of it, we got to see the song in the film and, luckily, it works out. It's during a scene when they're getting ready for prom, basically. It's in the background to a montage. It's pretty cool."

Still, Urie realizes the marketing potential that comes with joining phrases like "Megan Fox" and "blatant sexuality," which is why, at the end of our interview, when we jokingly asked him if "Jennifer's Body" was nothing but scenes of a scantily clad Fox seducing men and women, he laughed, then paused for a second, and answered:

"Well, yes, that's basically what it is. That's what I'm saying."

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