Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift To Apologize For VMA Incident

Singer had said on 'The View' that she hadn't heard from him.

After three public apologies, Kanye West has personally apologized to Taylor Swift for disrupting her VMA win

on Sunday Night. MTV News confirmed that Swift has accepted West's apology, which was made on Tuesday (September 15).

On "The View" earlier on Tuesday, Swift said West had yet to contact her personally to apologize, even though he blogged two apologies and made an additional one on Monday night during his appearance on "The Jay Leno Show." Apparently quite soon after her appearance, West called the VMA winner to apologize — and according to her reps, she has accepted his apology.

While on "The View," the 19-year-old said that if West wanted to meet to talk about the incident she would be open to the idea, which he mentioned during his "Leno" appearance. "I mean, he has not personally reached out to me or anything," she revealed. "But if he wanted to say 'Hi,' [sure]."

West had said that he was "rude" for interrupting her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. "It was just very rude, period," West said to Leno. "I'd like to apologize to her in person."

On Sunday night, Swift spoke to MTV News about what went through her mind when West took the mic out of her hands to proclaim his preference for Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" video.

"Well, you know, I was up there and I was standing there and I saw Kanye up on the stage," she explained. "I was really excited ... and I kind of wasn't excited anymore."