Beyonce Was 'Classy, Gracious' At VMAs Says Kelly Rowland

Matthew Knowles says his daughter decided to invite Taylor Swift onstage after Kanye incident.

Former [artist id="501076"]Destiny's Child[/artist] singer [artist id="1231569"]Kelly Rowland[/artist] couldn't help but be proud of the way her former bandmate handled herself on Sunday night at the VMAs. Rowland thinks that it was really "classy" of Beyoncé to invite Taylor Swift onstage with her while accepting her Video of the Year Mooman, after Kanye West interrupted Swift's speech for Best Female Video.

"Beyoncé is such a classy, gracious woman," Rowland told "I actually tweeted that, and everybody was like, 'It's so true.' "

Rowland went on to say that she though that West's outburst about Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" video deserving the award more than Swift's was "disturbing." "I think that as ... a fellow artist, it's important to know that there is room for everybody," she added. "Kanye is a genius. No one takes that away from him, but [he should] be moral and be a [good] person."

Beyoncé's dad and manager, Matthew Knowles, also spoke about his daughter's actions at the show. "It wasn't my decision to bring Taylor out," he told "It was all Beyoncé's decision. I want to be clear about that. My job is to execute and come up with some ideas, but ultimately, that was Beyoncé's decision. I can only say it was a proud night for me as a manager, but more importantly as a father."

After the show on Sunday, Swift spoke to MTV News about how she felt when West first jumped onstage. Initially, she was "excited" to see him up there with her, she said, but that feeling soon faded. She was grateful to Beyoncé for allowing her another chance to accept her award.

"It was just so wonderful and so incredibly classy of her and just gracious and wonderful to let me say something," Swift said. "She's just been my hero and one of my idols ever since I was little. She's a great person."

For his part, West has now apologized for his actions twice on his blog and a third time on Monday night's "The Jay Leno Show."

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards may have wrapped, but the party is far from over. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes updates, party reports and much more.