Jordin Sparks Recalls Meeting Britney Spears At 2008 VMAs

Sparks remembers being too awestruck to talk to her future tourmate.

Before last September, [artist id="2807016"]Jordin Sparks[/artist] had never been to the VMAs and had never met current tourmate Britney Spears. So, when she found out she was seated near Spears at the 2008 Video Music Awards, she knew it was her chance to speak up and have some time with the star.

First, she had to get over being nervous to be in the very presence of Britney. "Well, I didn't say anything," Sparks told MTV News. "I [didn't] know what to say, 'cause it was her big comeback thing. She was nominated for however many [awards], and she looked beautiful, and I was like, 'Aaah!' "

Though she was starstruck, Jordin couldn't help but feel a little jealous when Britney's "Piece of Me" beat her "No Air" in the Best Female Video category last year. "She did [beat me], and I was very sad," she said. "I was like, come on, she already has three of them, at least give me one."

But Sparks' mother wasn't about to allow her to miss the opportunity to meet the pop princess. "My mom had to ask her for a picture," the "Idol" winner admitted. "My mom was with me, 'cause I couldn't do it. I was like, 'Mom, I cannot ask her for this picture.' "

Sparks said Spears at first seemed reluctant to take the photo. "Then Larry [Rudolph], who is her manager, was like, 'She's on your label; you're going to want to take the picture.' And I was like, 'Cool!' " she said. "And I understand too because she wanted to sit and watch. But we got to take the picture!"

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