Exclusive: Jay-Z's Next LP Will Be 'The Most Experimental I Ever Made'

Plus: Bun B expands record label, plans joint tape with Young Jeezy, in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Blueprint 3 hasn't even hit stores yet (it did hit MTV's The Leak, though), and Jay-Z told us he's already working on his next album, which will be his most eclectic piece ever.

"I've always said I believe in good music and bad music. ... I like music. The second Blueprint, the reason it was all over the place is because I like music so much. You have tracks with Lenny Kravitz then Sean Paul. Dr. Dre. It's all over the place because of my taste in music. I like music.

"My next album, which I'm working on now -- that's exclusive, no one knows that -- is gonna be the album that really ... it's not gonna be a #1 album. That's where I'm at right now. I wanna make the most experimental album I ever made. But let's not deal with that now; I want to deal with The Blueprint 3."

Streets Is Talking: News and Notes From the Underground

Bun B is working on his next solo album, expanding his record company and, yes, is in talks for a major mixtape. The underground CD, if it comes to fruition, will be a whole project co-starring Young Jeezy.

Bun said both members of UGK were cool with Jeezy prior to Pimp C's death despite Pimp and Young having a public falling-out.

"Young and I have had the opportunity to sit down and talk about all the great things we've been through. ... We still got a lot of love for each other," Bun said. "Now we're in a position to get back making great music together like we used to.

"We're going to take the tape back to the Streets Is Talking days when he was hungry, trying to get in the game. When I was hungry trying to tear up the game with Pimp still in prison and keep the UGK name out there heavily. Don't be surprised if you have a II Trill and CTE project in the stocking this holiday season. Hopefully, it will open the doors for a lot of other brothers to make a movement. He's still got his CTE crew he has to put out music with. I still got my obligations. At some point before the year is out, we're gonna try to do the mixtape this year. I guess now that I've said it, we gotta do it."

Bun is also expanding his II Trill Entertainment label in the very near future with more mixtapes.

"The mixtape we're getting ready to do is a partnership with Big Kap with Paper Chase entertainment. It's the beginning of II Trill West, and the tape is called American Made: Article 1. We're pushing new artists from the West Coast. The Gutta Boy Family is the first group."

When Bun and Kap talked, they said worst-case scenario, the Texas legend would lend a co-sign. Best case, he would be fully involved.

Bun also has a cat out of Dallas named Young J.R., then there's the launch of II Trill East with Manhood Entertainment. First up for that faction? Uncle Murda.

"The talent is there, the opportunity is there. I'm associating myself with artists I feel who have great talent."

Bun is gearing up for his solo LP. He said he just wants to take time and evaluate.

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