Rick Ross, Bun B Remember DJ AM's Impact On Hip-Hop

'If God wanted a good DJ, he got the right one,' says Skillz of production duo Play-N-Skillz.

DJ AM will reportedly be buried on Wednesday (September 2), but the imprint he left on hip-hop won't soon be forgotten.

"Sometimes, you gotta just look in the mirror and reflect and take control of yourself first and foremost," Rick Ross said of the late DJ. "A lot of time, we're quick to speak on other's situations and what's going on. But we gotta reflect and grasp what's happening. When I hear situations like DJ AM, its very unfortunate. I'm one of the dudes that's cool with Travis Barker. They went through their situation [with the South Carolina plane crash. I talked to Travis a short time after that. When AM made his recovery, it was at a club in L.A. I came out, kicked it, bought some T-shirts, rocked the mic. A lot of times, I just really reflect, man. These situations come and go so fast, you gotta sit back and reflect. I try to cherish the moments we have."

"I didn't know him personally, but his reputation precedes him well," Bun B said. "I have been to a lot of corporate functions, and whoever is DJing, whether it be a Clinton Sparks or a Whoo Kid or a DJ Skribble or a Clue or Enuff, whoever was doing these parties, people would talk about AM. 'AM really knows how to rock these crowds.' He knew how to get one crowd of people into it without losing the other crowd of people. He was renowned for that."

Bun said he feels especially bad for AM's close friend Travis Barker.

"Travis is a good friend of mine," Bun said. "I was praying for him to be strong. He's on tour [with Blink-182]. I know he has a show to do, and that would not be easy for him. I was with DJ Premier in New York [the night before AM died], the night Premier talked to him. As soon as I heard about it, I called Primo and said, 'Wow, that's crazy.' Him and Primo was about to drop these shoes at the Magic [fashion] convention. AM is not just known in the DJ community; he's known in the sneaker community as a person with very good taste, a real strong collection and a real keen eye. It's tragic more than anything. We pray for his family, for his soul and pray for us. We lost somebody. It's gonna be real hard to replace DJ AM."

Producers Play-N-Skillz said AM's talent was immeasurable.

"When you saw him DJ, you literally wanted to go home and practice all day and every day," Play said of his friend's talent.

"Or even give up," Skillz added. "He was hands down the best DJ live we've ever seen. I'm sure every other DJ would say the same. It was definitely a tragedy. We've lost a lot of great ones the last couple of years. If God wanted a good DJ, he got the right one."