Mya's 'Worst Fear' Is Being Injured During 'Dancing With The Stars'

R&B singer was surprised to see 'rebel' Kelly Osbourne was part of this season's cast.

You might have seen her getting down in music videos, but [artist id="500157"]Mya[/artist] said she still has a lot to learn before she shimmies and shakes on "Dancing With the Stars" starting September 21.

"So far, rehearsals have been really tough," she told MTV News. "So it's kind of like reversing my thinking, 'cause hip-hop is so loose and not structured, and tap is so loose and close to the ground and not structured, so it's so different. I have a lot of work to do in reversing how I think. And I have a lot of partner work to do, so I hope it doesn't hurt me. But I think music and musicality is going to help me stay on the beat."

Mya's dance partner, Dmitry Chaplin, is making sure he's supporting her every step of the way. "He's really nice and patient, thankfully. He's a pleasure," she said. "He's very talented."

Mya said Chaplin is also helping her get all the basics down before she can do any fancy footwork. "He's doing these drills every day to get me to learn the basics first, 'cause he tells me I can't possibility learn a routine and perform in front of professionals if I don't know the basics," she explained. "So we're really at the beginning point of learning basics and the waltz and the cha-cha. We haven't really moved far beyond that. He's taught me, like, two small combinations."

Mya admitted that, aside from learning the dances, she's also scared she might hurt herself in the process. "I had to change my shoes yesterday, 'cause my heels were starting to hurt — and keep in mind that everything was in heels," she said. "I had a foot fracture last year, and I've had injuries in the past. That's what my worst fear is. To get injured ... is something I'm nervous about."

She might be nervous, but she's also excited to get to know the other celebrities dancing this season — one of whom she was surprised to learn would be on the show. "I didn't think it was in her personality to do something like this, but it's great that she is," she said of rock progeny Kelly Osbourne. "And I actually met her last night, and she's very cute and funny, so she's very sweet. I was just surprised, 'cause she's more of a rebel to me."

Mya can take comfort in knowing that she has someone to rely on if she should need some advice somewhere along the way: her "Lady Marmalade" co-star Lil' Kim, who competed last season. "She was so good!" she said about Kim. "I haven't spoken to her [for advice], but she did say she was going to come out and support me."