'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer's Favorite Bands Like Her Too

'I checked it out ... It was great!' White Rabbits drummer Matt Clark says of 'Twilight.'

[movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] author Stephenie Meyer recently took to her blog to update fans about what's been shaking so far during her summer: lots of reading, a bit of movie watching, and a ton of music listening. In her blog post, she gave love to a bunch of indie bands, and in subsequent conversations with MTV News, the bands gave the love right back to her.

"I really should have known about Meese a while ago, but thanks to a mislabeled CD mix, I didn't realize Meese was responsible for one of my favorite songs until I went to their concert," Meyer explained. "And then I was glad that I already loved them, because the guys in Meese are possibly the nicest people in the world."

Stephenie Meyer's Favorite Bands

Guitarist Nate Meese was already a huge "Twilight" fan before meeting Meyer at their show in Phoenix this July. He'd picked up the first book at his record label before catching a plane to Denver, and got hooked at 40,000 feet.

"It was one of those things where you finish it in 48 hours," he told MTV News. "When we met her backstage I gave her a CD, like, 'Yeah, check out my band, let me know what you think.' I never thought I'd hear back."

But she did get in touch with Nate, and they've been corresponding back and forth about writing, books and the bands they both love — including groups that appeared on the "Twilight" movie soundtrack. "She's a huge music fan," he said. "She really likes Muse, I really like Muse."

Other bands Meyer cited include Animal Collective, Silversun Pickups and the Dead Weather. The guys in White Rabbits — whose album, It's Frightening, Meyer very much digs — have never met the author, but drummer Matt Clark considers himself a fan, if only because his girlfriend convinced him to watch the movie.

"She'd just read the book and said, 'You have to watch this movie with me,' " Clark explained to MTV News. "Typically it's not my thing, but I checked it out because she asked. It was great!"

By that point, he was already well aware of the ability of the "Twilight" to bring lesser-known bands to wider attention. "The soundtrack is a huge Billboard hit, which is really rare nowadays," he said.

Nate Meese has seen the movie a bunch of times, though like many a Twilighter out there, he prefers the books to the movie. That being said, he has no problem whatsoever if the band one day makes it onto a "Twilight" franchise soundtrack. Still, that prospect has not come up in conversations with Meyer.

"We haven't talked about it at all, but it would be incredible!" he said.