Aaron Carter On 'Dancing With The Stars': 'I Love Competition'

'I love learning new things, so it's going to be really good,' singer says of mastering the dance routines.

[artist id="610277"]Aaron Carter[/artist] is ready to hit the dance floor this September as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars." The onetime pop singer and star of "House of Carters" is already training for the show and is ready to tackle whatever dancing style they want to throw at him.

"I want to compete on 'DWTS' 'cause I love competition. I love learning new things, so it's going to be really good," he told "Entertainment Tonight." "I'm not really too prone to this dancing style, but you got to learn new stuff all the time. I don't know any ballroom steps, nothing like that, so it's a whole new kind of thing for me."

Carter will be competing against the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Mya, Macy Gray and Donny Osmond, knowing that each of them bring something different to the table. "Everybody brings their own sort of talent anyways to the show. Like I said, I don't have any training in ballroom, but I love to learn new dances," he explained. "I learned Capoeira from some of my dancers before. That is like martial arts/Brazilian movies."

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But out of all the people on the show — many of whom have a background in entertainment — Carter can't wait to compete against football player Michael Irvin. "I know about them football players. They have good footwork. I had been doing this football-combined training in Tennessee when I heard about this opportunity, so I started training in endurance and stamina," he said. "I was doing the ladders and footwork stuff. I know what it is with those football guys. They got it."

Although the Carter family has had its share of issues, Carter is hoping that now, with things settled, his relatives will be in the audience week after week cheering him on. "I love my family and everything's the best it's ever been, so I'm sure they'll be there with big signs."