Christina Aguilera Experiments With M.I.A., Santigold On Next Album

'I worked with so many amazing and incredibly talented people,' she says.

[artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] is doing anything but getting back to basics on her new music. The singer called in to her station on A.P.E. Radio earlier this week and dished a bit about her forthcoming album, noting that she hit the studio with a wide range of artists to experiment on her sound.

"I know I can't let too much out the bag too soon," she said. "I just can't, 'cause I really want you guys to be surprised and to experience firsthand what I'm talking about or what I'm not talking too much about. Too soon in the game, but wrapping everything up now."

Aguilera noted that she's "in the final stages of the record, and I'm just so thrilled." She stepped out of her comfort zone to make a unique album, working with M.I.A., Santigold and Lady Tron, who she says she "respects and admires."

"I think I'm most proud of this work than I've ever been, just because I worked with so many amazing and incredibly talented people," she said. "[Sia and I] did a lot of work on this record together, and she's just a complete gem. She's truly just such a talented force to be reckoned with. And I so enjoyed her company, and I think we really created some super crazy magic together. I got a chance to sort of write with [artist id="2990655"]Santigold[/artist], [artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist], [artist id="1162830"]Lady Tron —[/artist] artists that I really love."

The album's sound, and presumably Aguilera's look to go along with it, will reflect the eclectic vibe that she's striving for on the album. "The overall versatility of this record is truly something special for me," she explained. "I experimented with so many different types of textures and sounds with my voice that I've never showcased and that I never really knew that I could do."

She added that "working with so many different people, I really kind of wanted to step into their worlds, them into my world and just get the best of both worlds."

"I really like to step outside of my own box," she said. "The result was just crazy magic. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy on the record. Lots of good stuff in store!"