'Degrassi' Movie Features Cameos From Pete Wentz, Kevin Smith, More

'It's exciting and glamorous,' star Adamo Ruggiero says of 'Degrassi Goes Hollywood.'

The Canadian "Degrassi" series has been a phenomenon since it made its debut over two decades ago. Now, several cast changes later, the kids of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" are heading out to Hollywood for a TV-movie version of the show, "Degrassi Goes Hollywood," airing Friday on the N network. And coming along with the cast are familiar faces like Perez Hilton, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Pete Wentz.

Smith has always been quite vocal about his love for the show, even making cameos in the past — but show stars Lauren Collins and Adamo Ruggiero reveal to MTV News that this time Smith is giving Mewes the most screen time.

"It was cool, 'cause on 'Degrassi,' it's always been about Kevin ... and Jason's kind of ambled around in the background," Collins said. "But this time he's got his moment to shine also. He's hilarious and I think he's more nervous even."

In addition to Smith and Mewes, the crew also had the pleasure of working with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, who plays himself in the flick. "One of the characters, Craig Manning, has become an artist and he's this big famous superstar and he's just, you know, just hanging out with Pete Wentz on the street, eating some ketchup chips," Collins explained. "And he plays himself."

But for fans, Ruggiero promises that if you want to watch the movie because you love "Degrassi," then you'll love seeing them having their way in Hollywood. "There are some dramatic moments," he said. "Also, the biggest thing is that we're the Canadian kids in Hollywood. It's exciting and glamorous and we're just all over the city driving down Hollywood Boulevard — it's really exciting."

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