LMFAO Strip Down -- In Times Square! -- For MTV News Interview

The duo talk about the success of breakout single 'I'm in Miami B---h.'

NEW YORK — If one succeeds in coming up with a summertime anthem, well, maybe it is appropriate to conduct an interview in the middle of Times Square in just shorts and socks. At least, that's what Sky Blu and Redfoo, the uncle/nephew duo that make up California's [artist id="3132138"]LMFAO[/artist], led us to believe.

"It's the summertime and we are out here in Times Square," said Red. "So any chance we get to do some tanning, relax and sip on something, we are going to do it. Our music is a soundtrack to our lives, and the lives of party animals!"

Yes, Redfoo, son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, and nephew Sky Blu have parlayed party life into a chant-driven, electro-hip-hop movement that's made their album's first single, "I'm in Miami B---h" (also known by its more polite, family-friendly title "I'm in Miami Trick"), a certified hit single.

"I think we knew it was big when we went to a place called the Clevelander [in Miami]," Sky recalled. "They played our song, and by the second chorus people were singing along with the song like they already knew it. And this song had never been played in a club!"

"And mind you, we were at the Winter Music Conference [dance-music festival]," said Red, "where travelers and DJs from all over the world are coming. People were singing our song that didn't even speak English — because partying is universal!"

The next single from their Party Rock album is "La La La," the video for which is a bit of a 1980s throwback.

"We do, like, a 'Weird Science' thing where we create two girls," Redfoo said. "There are backgrounds and it's all green-screen, so there's things floating in the sky. And here's the cool part: We are going to make an application online and on the iPhone where you are going to be able to place your picture, or the person you have a crush on, you can put their pictures on our bodies, and any other bodies that are on there. Now you are in the video!"

The duo were back in California for the Powerhouse concert on Saturday night, which was headlined by Jay-Z.