Fall Out Boy's 'What A Catch, Donnie' Clip A 'Cliffhanger,' Not Goodbye

'If this ended up having to be it — by chance — it would be a good send-off,' Patrick Stump says of video.

For more than a month now — despite Pete Wentz's constant assertions to the contrary — [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist] have been dogged by rumors that they are calling it quits.

It hasn't helped things that their brand-new video, for the song "What a Catch, Donnie," seems very much like a swan song for the group, full of nostalgic nods to the band's previous videos and featuring cameos from a host of their Decaydance Records family.

Of course, no one outside the band has actually seen the "Donnie" video — it premieres Thursday on MTV.com — so all that "fond farewell" talk might be a tad premature. Which is why, on the eve of the clip's premiere, MTV News cornered the guys in FOB and asked them if fans should be prepared to say goodbye to their beloved band.

"I don't think people fully know what to expect. I think it's going to leave people with a bit of a cliffhanger, which is kind of cool," Wentz laughed. "But, as a member of the band, I can tell you it's not [our final video], because there is another video that will explain some of the cliffhanger that's going to premiere on the Internet a bit later."

So there you go — straight from Wentz's mouth: "What a Catch, Donnie" won't be Fall Out Boy's final music video. Of course, that doesn't explain why the guys are still talking about the future in such carefully measured, incredibly general terms either.

"You never know with anything. This could be our last interview ever," FOB frontman Patrick Stump said. "You never know, but if this ended up having to be it — by chance — it would be a good send-off. It's definitely very tidy. But that's not the intention right now."

So if it's not the last we'll hear from FOB, what's next for the band? Well, by all accounts, a very long, very deserved break. After that, who knows? But as long as they're still having fun, fans can rest assured that Fall Out Boy will continue making music together. We think.

"When we first started, we weren't thinking a year ahead," Stump explained. "So I don't really want to start thinking a year ahead now. It's a bad idea."

"We'll stop doing this when it stops being fun," Wentz added. "You're traveling on planes all the time, you're doing press all the time, if you don't have fun doing the rest of the stuff, then you should stop being in a band. So, like, when this band stops being fun, then that will be it."