Exclusive: Young Jeezy Talks Thug Motivation 103 LP

'This is going to be my best work with the experience I have,' Jeezy says of the songs on his new album.

[artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] has his producers lined up for Thug Motivation 103, which is due to drop later this year. Working with Shawty Redd once again, Young has also enlisted the services of up-and-comer Midnight Black as well as Kanye West, and he says he's got about 25 to 30 songs ready to go.

"I'm taking my time this time," Jeezy recently told MTV News. "I know where I really wanna go. This is my fourth time over. I did it three times — I'm gonna do it again."

Young gave us a few details, including a few specific songs to listen out for.

"To even get a feel for it, we'll start with the 'Intro,' " he said. "When you buy this album, you'll know where I'm going. If I can recall, one of the first lines is, 'No matter what they think, I'm trying to do better/ Despite of what they think, I'm making you better/ So let them go back and forth about who's better.'

"To me, that's how I feel," he continued. "No matter what they think, I go harder to be an example for my homies and everybody around me. I'm trying to make cats better. So if you feel the rapping part is that serious to you, then you go with that. When you go with motivational speaking, you don't want it to rhyme — you want it to make sense. If he sounds like he's rhyming, it sounds like a jingle — like he's trying to sell you a turkey burger or something."

The Snowman feels that after completing a couple of LPs, he has his craft down pat.

"I got a joint called 'I Got This,' " he said about the new album. "Then there's 'Suicide Music.' I don't wanna give it all up, because you'll probably figure out where I'm going. The list goes on. To me, I know [artists] say, 'This is going to be my best work.' This is going to be my best work with the experience I have and I'm still me. Cats been rocking with me for four or five years. I'mma give them what they need to do and I'm gonna motivate the thugs."

Jeezy is currently touring with Young Money Presents: The America's Most Wanted Music Festival.